Have you had fun, as a kid, blowing the dandelions?
Now help disseminate the seeds of thought
Dandelion in the wind. Image credit

We want exceptional people to join us in our mission to change the way information is disseminated and consumed. Are you a smart, passionate and honest individual, who has an opinion on the design, architecture and implementation of information sharing systems?

Designers/Front end architects What and how will you recommend on different parts of an article page? How do you pack a lot of relevant info into a tiny <div>, and yet make it seem simple?
Back end Programmers/Architects
How do you index and retrieve from multiple streams in real time? Whats your take on the C10k problem?
Product engineers How do you make people share more relevant stuff for their listeners? How should the flow in a product be different for a first time user, and a regular user?

Drop us a note with your ideas to work@insieve.com, along with pointers to your LinkedIn profile, your github/stackoverflow personas, or design portfolio and we will get back to you.

We are creating a workplace with energetic and talented people, who are filled with ideas, and are great fun to work with. Our office is located near Krishna Rao Park in Basavanagudi, we have some of our meetings in the Park. Some of the best eatouts are just around the corner.