Insieve is a funded startup from Bangalore, India. Between us, we have several years of experience in companies like Google, Veritas, NetApp, SAP and other startups.
Venkatesh Sharma
Venkatesh brings rich systems experience into Insieve. He has worked at Veritas, NetApp, Sonoa, and Agami on scalable file systems and caching. Venkatesh has an under graduate degree from Mysore University’s SJCE. Venkatesh was involved in critical projects like scaling of VxFS, High Performance Caching at Sonoa. He is also an avid runner.
Bharath Mohan
Bharath has a Phd in Information Retrieval from IISc, has worked at Google, and other startups before diving into Insieve. He also has a graduate degree in Computer Science from IISc, and an under-graduate degree from Mysore University’s SJCE. Bharath is an information dissemination enthusiast, and has spent many years pondering about the appropriate spread of information through society. At Google, Bharath was involved with Google News, and worked on text retrieval and ranking algorithms.
Adityanag Nagesh
Aditya brings rich consulting and customer development experience to Insieve. Before taking on customer development at Insieve, Aditya spent several years in SAP, in consultant and developer roles. Aditya graduated in Computer Science from RV College of Engineering in Bangalore.
Elvis Joel D'Souza
Elvis is our chief hacker. Being a machine learning and NLP enthusiast, he has created several mashups that do intelligent processing over the years. Elvis is a graduate of PESIT, Bangalore in Computer Science. He has interned at inMobi and Microsoft Research earlier.
Hormis Tharakan
Hormis is a gaming and game development enthusiast, and dreams of setting up his own game studio soon. In his spare time, Hormis has been sampling all programming languages and failing to find any that he hates. Earlier, Hormis has worked at Bosch on navigational data processing. As a freelancer, he has created magazine reader apps for iOS, and games for Microsoft Surface. Hormis has a BTech in Computer Science from Rajagiri Engineering College near Cochin, Kerala.
Sunil Nandihalli
Sunil is our chief mathematician. Give him some free time, and he's off solving hard differential equations. In recent times, Clojure has been competing for mind share. Now Insieve is there too, challenging him to solve information flow networks. Sunil has a BTech from IIT Chennai, in Mechanical Engineering and an MS in computational sciences from Mississipi State University. He has worked on computational geometry, OpenGL, Decision Trees, High dimension data modeling among other things. Sunil calls himself a "proficient computational scientist", and he's being humble when he says that.
Abhay GA
Abhay sees rhythm in programming, just the way he does in Carnatic music. After a long prelude (alaap for more than 10 years) in systems - where he has dabbled with kernels, drivers and network processors at Ericsson, Sonoa, and Philips - he's now taking a jump into information retrieval systems. Abhay has a masters in Computer Science from IIT Mumbai, and a BE from MS Ramaiah college from Bangalore.
Ishneet Grover
Ishneet, fights for the users - whenever we try to push features down their throats. When you walk by the office and you hear voices like "What is the product?", "Who is the user?", "Why should he use this?", you know Ishneet is working hard to make our products a lot more usable. She is also responsible for keeping the post-it business alive. Oh, did we tell you she's a star UX/Product designer from IIT Mumbai's design school?
Chirayu Patel
You'll never find Chirayu move without a plan. He'd like it to be frozen in stone. Chirayu brings foresight, circumspect and wisdom to the team. Before joining Insieve, Chirayu has spent close to 5 years in information extraction and retrieval startups - Curata and SnappyFingers. He was also one of the co-founders of TaxSpanner. In a previous life, he used to work at Intel and Wipro.
Nagabindu is our office manager, and ensures we are all well fed and happy. She also helps us with accounting and corporate compliance.
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